President Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies

President-Elect Donald Trump and his Immigration Policy.
Based on Donald Trump’s campaign platform concerning immigration, his election victory has created a huge anxiety among the immigrant community, both lawful and undocumented.
As we all heard during the campaign, Mr. Trump’s immigration policy focuses on building a wall along our Southern border, tripling the number of immigration enforcement agents (ICE) and mass deportation of undocumented immigrants already in the US. He has also attacked legal immigration programs, most notably work visas such as H-1B, H-2B and other work permits and visas. Of special concern will also be TN visas (Canada and Mexico) and the underlying NAFTA agreement, which was one of his primary targets of his both immigration and economic proposals.
Toxic tone of the campaign has many legal immigrants holding proper visas deeply concerned.
President Obama’s policies such as DACA and DAPA will be very likely restricted or cancelled. It is now time to act and strengthen your legal status.
We recommend that if you are a qualified US permanent resident, you should apply for US citizenship.
If you are on a temporary visa, you should now consider your options of becoming a permanent resident (green card).
If you have a family member that is undocumented but eligible for adjustment of status or an immigrant visa, do not wait: the immediate future does not look good for immigration.
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