Naturalization: becoming a United States Citizen by application.

Any applicant for Naturalization must meet the following requirements for United States citizenship:

  1. An Applicant must be a Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder) for certain period of time;
  2. Must be continuously residing in the U.S. for at least five years, or three years if the alien has resided with the U.S. citizen spouse in a marital union during the three years preceding the application for naturalization;
  3. Must be physically present within the U.S. for an aggregate total of at least one half of the period of required continuous residence;
  4. Must be a resident for at least three months immediately preceding the filing for naturalization in the state in which the petition is filed;
  5. Must be able to read, write and speak basic English language (exceptions apply for long-term residents over certain age);
  6. Must have knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the history and government of the U.S. (Civics test); and
  7. Must possess a good moral character and attachment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Application for Naturalization (U.S. citizenship), Form N-400 is a complex procedure. Many applicants do not realize that Naturalization procedure is the last opportunity for USCIS to review applicant’s entire prior immigration history and moral character in order to determine eligibility for this great benefit. USCIS will examine the entire immigration file in great detail; all previous applications and procedures will be reviewed thoroughly all over again. Any inconsistency in naturalization application and previous green card procedures will lead to serious consequences and, possibly, to denial of your application. USCIS may, under certain circumstances, initiate a deportation procedure as a result of major issues discovered during the Naturalization procedure.

Form N-400, Application for Naturalization must be prepared very carefully. Attorney will carefully interview you during the initial consultation to determine eligibility and to identify any potential issues in your entire immigration history. If permanent residence was obtained based on the marriage, USCIS will review your marriage again to make sure that the marriage was not only for immigration purposes. Depending on the circumstances, in some cases even permanent resident status may be in danger.

Naturalization is a very serious matter and it is vital to consult an experienced immigration attorney. We will help you to prepare your application and point out any potential problems.

U.S. Citizenship / Nationality:

There are many confusing laws of the United States citizenship and nationality. Rules of acquisition and transmission of a Citizenship are complex and change over time. Birth abroad to a United States citizen parent(s) or parents’ naturalization can make a person a U.S. citizen under certain circumstances. If you believe that you may be a United States citizen because your parent is or was a United States citizen, contact our Law Firm for a consultation.

Automatic Citizenship for Children of the United States Citizens, including adopted children:

Under Child Citizenship Act, if at least one parent becomes a United States citizen before his/her child reaches the age of 18, a child becomes a U.S. Citizen automatically, provided that a child is in the United States and has a lawful permanent resident status.

Children adopted abroad, also become U.S. Citizens upon arrival to the United States.

While child may apply and obtain a U.S. passport, it is also important to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship by filing Form N-600.

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